Creative Diy School Hacks For Kids


At this stage, we must help out kids with new inventions (DIYs) and the latest strategies to become more creative. There are so many hacks that we can apply to make more creative things for our kids.

Let’s check out what all we can easily create by applying DIY hacks.

1. Starry Notebooks

An ordinary notebook might be boring for young creative minds. To convert a boring notebook into a starry notebook, we have to cover them with colorful sheets. And after covering them, we can use metallic-foil sheets to cut out the stars.

Then we only have to take glue and paste them on the colored covers of the notebook. This is a simple and creative DIY that we can apply for making a boring notebook as an exciting, starry notebook.

2. Fruity Pencil Cases

Fruity pencil cases are so easy to make. We need to take a simple pencil case with a white base. Put it on a table, and we require an eraser. Draw any fruit on that eraser that the kid likes. And cut it out with the help blade, knife or paper cutter. After the cutting, you will be able to see a handmade stamp is ready to use. Now, use your favorite colors and make the impressions on that pencil case. In this way, our refreshing fruity pencil cases are ready to use.

3. Decorating the pencils

Simple pencils with a white base are easily available in the market. Take those pencils and wrap your favorite tapes around them. Many imprinted tapes like fruits, cartoons, etc. are imprinted on these tapes; wrap them around the pencil, and the new, creative pencils will be there in front of your kid within seconds.

4. Fishie Erasers

Eraser clays are fascinating things for the children. Take a rolling pin to roll the eraser clay and cut out the shapes with the mini cookie cutters or anything available with different shapes/ fish. After cutting, place it in the refrigerator for five minutes. Make a hole with the toothpick as an eye of the fish. And bake them following specific instructions that are available on the packaging of the clay.

5. Moon Bookmarks

Bookmarks are of great use when it comes to reading. We can clip the papers to remember that this is where we left last time. To make moon bookmarks, we need clay. Take white, and grey color mix them well to form the color of the moon. Roll them into a ball and stretch a little for the marbleized effect. Use your thumb to press a little and push a paper clip into each moon. Such that one of the tips is hidden in the clay. And make sure to press it gently so that the pin must not come out of it. For making craters, push a wooden stick gently for the actual moon effect. And bake as per the instructions provided on the package of the clay. And you are good to go.

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