Design Your Child’s Destiny!


Ever wondered that you might have the superpower to design your child’s destiny?

Each one of us as a parent has this superpower; it is just that few of us are oblivion to it.
Parenting like every child is unique, different and special. There is no right or wrong; there is no good or bad; there is no perfect or imperfect. There are however challenges and various approaches to handle these challenges.

The superpower of parenting lies in increasing the capacity and capability of being a parent.

The capability improves when a parent finds a better way to handle a situation or experience and the capacity improves as the parent finds more opportunities to repeat those meaningful experiences for the children.

The ability of a parent with systematic learning from experiences and implementation of learning’s can improve the proficiency of the parent and thus give the superpower to a parent to design the child’s destiny.

3 things that a parent can do to develop superpower

1. Like parents, like children: Be the role model to your child.

Children learn by seeing rather than listening to you. Actions impact their minds more than words. Children inherit all the existential qualities like trust, faith, hard work, politeness, and perseverance, humility from the immediate environment and from loved ones. It doesn’t come from reading text books or by teaching a child through a lesson plan. Children observe it from you, the environment and people around and absorb it as part of their personality.
If the child looses temper very quickly, find the out the source where the child is modeling it from and you might find it amongst your family members. If the child needs a screen or says no to everything; you need not look beyond but analyze your and your partner’s behavior.

Be mindful of how you conduct yourself , so that your actions and behavior can be the superpower to design your child’s destiny.

2. Teach children the zen habit: Respond and not react.

You are a factory of emotions. Real education is about teaching children to manage emotions. Emotions manifest in all aspects of life as they are governed by our sub conscious mind. They are manifested while eating, while driving, while interacting with your colleagues, with friends or with your husband, with your wife and with children. We need to guide children on identification of emotions and give them a tool to overcome stressful situations in life. Children need to be taught to respond and not react by taking a pause and being mindful.

Without emotions clouding decisions, and with responding and not reacting children develop the superpower to take right decisions and hence craft their destiny.

3. It is all about neural associations: Get them right.
Neuro Linguistic Association are built with the physicality’s around you like smell, environment, taste, sound etc. Nothing can be altered about this association that are already formed but with the right pre determined emotion from the educators and parents the child can be taught to enter a situation with a positive outlook.

Negative emotions can be converted into positive emotions with a simple magic wand of “acceptance”. Anger turns to tolerance, fear to adventure and jealousy to inspiration and hurt to forgiveness with acceptance of the situation or experience.

Teach children to pre determine their emotions before entering any situation and learn to take control of their own life and on how they perceive a situation.

Our destiny or our child’s destiny eventually boils down to the story we tell about our life to ourselves. Help children weave the right beautiful story so that we can design their beautiful heroic destiny.

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